Our Story


We come from families that always used great food as the centrepiece for everything that was worth remembering in our childhoods. One of the earliest memories I have with my dad is of me buttering garlic bread whilst sitting on a milk crate off to the side of the kitchen at the restaurant he was executive chef of. Another memory is of Sunday lunch at Nunna's house and the whole family would be there - no matter what differences we may have had, everything was forgotten whilst we gathered for those meals. 

Along with great food, something else that was instilled in us was to never underestimate the importance of reliable tools. From the job sites to the restaurant, tools you could rely on metaphorically (and literally) put food on the table each day.

We have decided to merge these two principles and bring you Phoenix Knives. Traditionally made chef's tools and accessories that you can rely on. 

After countless design revisions, materials testing and durability testing we continued to come to the same conclusion: Nothing is as beautiful and reliable as traditional hand-forged Japanese style metal work. So we decided to partner with some pretty special craftsmen who have spent years learning their craft to bring you functionally beautiful works of art. From the tip of the blade to the base of the handle, each piece has been meticulously hand-crafted. A byproduct of this process is that every single piece is unique and one of a kind.